We did many changes to our expander tool. Of course, you can still expand a short URL to retrieve its original form. We support almost all URL shorteners : according to our statistics, the tool operates at around 95%, and naturally, we are working on the last 5%.

Today, we propose new features in our tools:

  • We provide new information for each short URL : title, meta tags of the destination page, type of redirection... Besides, the tool allows users to scan any lengthened URL with 6 Web reputation engines to make malwares, phishing or spams easier to detect, and the Web safer.
  • At the very beginning of this site, you could check the availability of an alias on 12 URL shorteners, but the service wasn't quite satisfactory. So, it was gone. Now, it's possible to do it again with 22 short link services : the tool will find out whether your desired alias, keyword, brand, username is taken or not.
  • We added a gallery on homepage showing uncovered recent links, and a stat counter showing some numbers about CheckShortURL on stats page (it will be improved thanks to the new visitors in the next weeks).

Finally, don't hesitate to share the links published at the end of the "expand" and "customize" report pages: it will help people by preventing them from being victim of malicious or not safe websites.