Some of these short URL services allow you to get a path with a custom ending (this could be or for instance). Because we think it's a useful feature, some of them can be tested simultaneously on CheckShortURL in the Customize ShortURL section.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a URL shortener providing this feature.

1. It's quite good for your SEO

You should consider that any time you can include your targeted keywords, they show up in the SERPs. It's also true with customized short URLs since it has been tested: keywords included in short URL's anchor are detected by Googlebot. Moreover, they stand out more because they are bolded, and in the meantime, they seem more organic. But note that you should always choose a service using a 301 redirect.

2. Your customized short URLs are easier to remember

At first glance, your customized links seem a bit more easier to remember: they are only a short domain name and your keyword. This is especially true for traditional newspapers on which it's obviously impossible to click. Thanks to this custom option, your links become more user-friendly.

3. Your customized links are apparently more reliable

Although a shortened URL could always seem questionable, especially in your emails and newsletters (in fact, even TinyURL recommends you to cloak affiliate links), the customized shape of your short URL wouldn't seem so weird and would probably help you to get a higher click-through. Naturally, it doesn't change the fact that everyone has to be careful with short links (customized or not).

4. It helps you to protect your brand name

If you want to protect your name, you might register any keyword you really want with your favorite URL shorteners. That could be also names, brands, aliases, nicknames, vanity names... In that way, you will not risk that someone get them instead of you: don't forget that once a particular custom name is taken, it's definitely too late!

5. You can change your mind as often as necessary

Most URL shorteners with custom option on which you can register (as on BudURL, Bitly, SnipURL...) offer you to edit the long URL destination and/or the keyword on the fly, whenever needed. It's especially useful when a website is abandoned or if a link exchange is not honored.