By the way, we think that it's important to remind you that, except for the service Pagepeeker generating the thumbnails, we don't use any third-party API on CheckShortURL: every script expanding and customizing short URL is our own.

1. An option permitting to check several links in bulk

This suggestion was made by Colin who wanted an option for people without programming skills. As he told me, you can have a lot of URLs identified as refering links in your webanalytics tools. We agreed that it would be useful to check the destination of these links, several at a time. If you feel concerned by this feature, let us know in the comments. Anyway, we keep this in mind.

2. An addon or plugin dedicated to your browser

Suggested by Caliga, the idea of a plugin offering to check shortened link is definitly a good one. It could be an addon but also an extension or a script, anything that would save your time. Actually, we will probably start with an extension for chrome. But it will take some time, and contributions would be very welcomed (see point 5).

3. New shortened URL services supported

Ross asked us that we make expandable, and Shlomio, who created, would like his URL shortening service to be added in the "Customize shortURL" section. Jon also told us about we know this service very well. But as a matter of fact, it seems that there is no solution to get full long URL from short links (or maybe a reverse directory?).

4. A flag to report whether a link is dangerous or not

Sometimes, we have a look at the gallery of thumbnails on homepage. Even if some links seem explicitly not safe for work (phishing, scam, adult or violent content...), you can't report them as unsuitable links. That's why we are thinking about an option that would be something a bit like a flag. By the way, we could also display the total number of shares of the link on social media (the more a link is shared, the less it's malicious?).

5. We either do not like advert but...

As you can see, there is no advert banner / link on CheckShortURL, and we are totally OK with that. But in order to improve our tools, we need time and, ideally, some contributions. That's why we'll probably include a widget for that in the days to come (Paypal, ChipIn, or both, we don't know yet). We hope that some of you will make donations if you think that our service worth it.